International Clairvoyant, Spiritual Healer and Advisor with 24 Years Experience Can Solve Your Problems.

Typical problems I can help you with

Imam with my experience from the birth am a specials in bringing back love ones over 30 years he is healer & medium and clairvoyant an spiritualist born gifted with spiritualist power no after how your problems are.

  • Marriage Problems
  • Jobs
  • Business
  • Bad luck
  • Nightmare
  • Alcoholism
  • Court cases
  • Smoking
  • Black magic
  • Evil spirites
  • Family Ties
  • Exams and many more..
In a short time I can bring back loved ones, break curses etc..

Why Imam?

Dad was born on to a family with a good eruption sound family history and notated for helping people guiding &solving people's problems for relationship return there love once & guide them in peace his great grandfather is Shirk Abdulqadir Jelani

Trusted and real results! The vast majority of people who come to see me are regulars and they contact me having been recommended by others.

I have many international clients who I consult by email or telephone, but often they choose to visit me in person where I can provide a more in-depth personalised consultation.

Call now for your free telephone consultation on: 0800 848 8300

My knowledge, skills and expertise was passed on to me by my father – a great international healer, medium and spiritualist

Where to find me?

I live in London, where I hold confidential consultations with my clients. I also work internationally, regularly travelling to Europe, Canada, the United States and Africa.

Consultations are always carried out in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Most clients prefer personal one to one sittings.

Because of my international clients I am also able to provide confidential consultations for most problems via email or SkyPe – Just contact me via email for further details. Email:

My grand dad is shriek Ahmed Bamba make or call seringe Bamba you can search him in Google his picture will come or my grand dad ibrahim niass

I can help and advise you on how to solve your problem during your consultation I have helped 1000’s of clients from all over the world

Call now before it’s too late as you don’t need to suffer in silence

As tradition has it, he was thought by his father and his father was thought from his great father was born with this knowledge and from there the power have been spread to all of the family 100 years ago he help people all kinds of human difficulties in life restore the happiness & always guide in any problem need to be solve both spiritualist and general life he is well known in Africa thought out his good job and advise

Spiritual Guidance and Enlightenment

Imam has dedicated his life to solving the problems and advising his clients from around the world – no matter how difficult

Find out how I can change your life with powerful spiritual guidance and healing of the mind, body and soul using sills handed down and Universal forces